April 21, 2021

Tarantella Berlin

Specialists in law

Problems with policing reflect problems in society

Editor’s note: To mark the 20th anniversary of Timothy Thomas’ death and the unrest that followed, The Enquirer asked people to reflect on what’s changed, what hasn’t and why Cincinnati and other communities continue to struggle with race and policing. 

The United States has had a long and violent history of racial conflict between Black communities and police departments.  Black citizens have been forced to live with the burdens of a history of police oppression that has often been denied, mischaracterized and rarely prosecuted.

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The racist systems of policing are just the tip of the spear, but are often the flashpoint for the inequalities that are woven into every aspect of the lives of Black and brown citizens in this country. The issues of inequality are deeply rooted in systemic racist policies and procedures that are designed to do exactly what they have done for decades – to dehumanize, demoralize and ultimately withhold all aspects of due process and constitutionally guaranteed rights.