May 9, 2021

Tarantella Berlin

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Cedar Lake to build new pier near town hall, historical society | Local News

“It’s actually meant to be a space where citizens can gain access to the lake all the time,” Zasada said. “Even if you don’t have a boat, you could go out to the end of the pier and sit on the bench and enjoy the view because the town looks different from the lake.” 

Steam Through History is set to hit the lake for tours from July 26-30, with a vintage 1910 steamboat borrowed from the Hesston Steam Museum. The tours will be accompanied by an augmented reality app, Zasada added. 

“A person will download this app to their cell phone, and then when they pan the shoreline, where the Monon Depot used to be situated, they’ll see a picture of the actual depot that will show up,” she said. 

When it comes to the town use of the pier, Cedar Lake Ward 4 Town Councilman Ralph Miller said the partnership between the town, the historical association, “kept snowballing,” and eventually included the DNR. 

What struck Miller about the project, he said, was the historical association’s pitch to the council: the idea the new pier is a “new front door,” for the town. 

Cedar Lake Police Chief Bill Fisher helped head up the partnership, and told The Times the pier is set to be installed by the end of May. 

“Part of the issue was that our current pier was not a public pier, and it was only designed for emergency response for lake incidents,” Fisher said. “The council wanted to make it more of a public pier, being that we have our sandbox out here that they can have access to the lake, or to go along with the historical society.”